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Prof. A.A. ALadele


Prof. Ademola Ladele

B.Sc. [Agric. Ile-Ife], M.Sc., Ph.D. [Agric. Ext.] (Ibadan), 


Area of Specialization

Agric. Extension, Cooperatives and Technology Transfer.

Office: Room 003, Ground Floor, Dept of Agricultural    Extension and Rural Development.            Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Tel: +2347063902736,+2348023251293 ,+2348073067275 





 Technical Reports:


  1. Ladele, A. A. and 39 others (1994): National Agricultural Research Strategy Plan for Nigeria: Report on Central Zone).National Agricultural Research Project, Department of Agricultural Sciences, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources. 277pp. Sakyi-Dawson O., Boateng S.D., Ladele A.A., Asem P. a S. Appiah-Adjei (1999): Demographic Survey of Bia Reserve in the Western Region, Ghana. 39pp.
  2. Olawoye, J.E., Ladele, A. A., Oladeji, J.O., Akinbile, L.A., Odebode, S.O., Olujide, M.G. Oyesola, O.B., and Fakoya, E.O. (2002). Fadama II Preparation Studies: Social assessment for the Southern States of Nigeria.98pp.
  3. Adekunle, Adewale A., Terry A. Olowu and Ademola A Ladele (2005). Bridging the Communication Gap Between Scientists and Farmers in Katsina State of Nigeria. An Information and Communication Support for Agricultural Growth in Nigeria. IITA/USAID supported. 20pp.Provide a word or pdf format of the ABSTRACT (mandatory) and full article (where possible)


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