A. Articles in Learned Journals

1. Jelili. Olaide SAKA, Victor Olusegun OKORUWA, Omobowale A. Oni and Abayomi Samuel Oyekale (2011): The Structure and Determinants of Land-use Intensity among Food Crop Farmers in Southwestern Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 3,

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2. Balogun O. L., S. A. Yusuf, B. T. Omonona and V. O. Okoruwa (2011): Social capital and microcredit effects on poverty among the rural households in south west states, Nigeria. ARPN Journal of Agricultural and Biological Science Vol.6 No.3.


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8. Okoruwa, V.O., A.E. Obayelu, and O. Ikoyo-Eweto (2006): Profitability of semi-intensive and intensive egg production in South-West and South-South zones of Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Animal Production (NJAP). Vol 33 (1) pp 118-127.


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B. Books and Chapters in Books

53. Bamgboye, E.A. and V.O. Okoruwa (2009): Designs of Experiments and Surveys. A chapter in Data Collection, Management and Analysis in Academic Research (edts. Labode Popoola, Olajide Olorunnisola and Olusegun Ademowo). The postgraduate School, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Pp. 35-54.


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55. Okoruwa, V.O. and E.A. Obayelu (2007): Need for new farming techniques to Improve rural farming and entrepreneurship with emphasis on cassava production. A chapter in Entrepreneurial Development as a Panacea for Poverty Alleviation in Akwa Ibom State. (edts. D.B. Ekpenyong, C.E.

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C. Articles in Referred Conference Proceedings

66. Dontsop Nguezet, P.M., Diagne, A, OkoruwaV.O. and Ojehomon, V (2011): Impact of Improved Rice Technology Adoption on Income and Poverty among In proceedings of the


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D. Technical Reports

76. Okoruwa, V.O., Rahji, M. A. Y and Ajani, O. (2007). Rice and Maize Stratification Project in Nigeria. IITA-WA SAKSS and WARDA in conjunction with USAID. 185 pp.


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