Curriculum vitae



I.          (a)        Name:                                  Mukaila Gbenga Olujide

(b)        Department:                                 Agricultural Extension and                                                                              Rural Development        

(c)        Faculty:                                       Agriculture and Forestry



(a)   First Academic Appointment:            Assistance Lecturer 1 (1 March,                                                                                        1999)

(b)        Present post (with date):                     Professor (October, 2011)


III.       University Education (with dates):

(a)    Lagos State College of Education      1981-1984

(b)   University of Nigeria, Nsukka            1987-1991

(c)    University of Ibadan, Ibadan             1992-1994

(d)   University of Ibadan, Ibadan             1995-1999


 IV. Academic Qualifications (with dates and granting bodies):

(a) N.C.E. Agric. Education                                               1984

(b) B. Sc. Vocational Agricultural Education                         1991

(c) M. Sc. in Agricultural Extension,  Ibadan                         1994

(d) Ph.D. Agricultural Extension, Ibadan                               1999


   V. Professional Qualifications and Diplomas (With dates):


  VI. Scholarships, Fellowships and Prizes (With dates):


VII. Honours, Distinctions and Membership of LearnedSocieties

(a)    Member, Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria (AESON)

(b)   Member, Nigeria Rural Sociological Association

(c)    Member, Nigeria Environmental Study/Action Team

(d)   Member, Science Teachers Association of Nigeria

(e)    Member, Departmental Undergraduate Examinations Committee

(f)    Member, Registration Course Committee (Postgraduate)

(g)   Marketing Manager, Practical Year Training Programme (PYTP) 2001-2002

(h)   Assistant Warden, New Post Graduate Hall (Feb 2002- Feb 2006)

(i)     Congregation Member of Senate (2001-2010).

(j)     Chairman, Physical Development Committee (1st August 2006-2009)

VIII. Details of Teaching Experience at University Level

(a)    Undergraduate courses taught

Course code    Course Title                      Unit                    Session

HES 210         Introduction to Home

                    Economics(Co- taught)            2                  1998 -2010

AES 310         Agricultural Extension

                    Education(Co- taught)              2                 1998 -2010

AED 313         Educational Psychology

                        (Co- taught)                       3                 1998 to date

AES 410         Community Agricultural

                      Extension(Co- taught)             2                 1998 -2010

RSD 513         Rural Social Problems & Public

                         Policy(Co- taught)               2                 1998 to date

RSS 516          Theories of Social Change

                                (Co- taught)                 2                2004 to date

RSD 518         Community Organisation&

                       Leadership(Co- taught)            2                2010 to date

AED 519         Teaching Vocational Agric. in

                       Schools(Co- taught)                 2               2010 to date


(b)Postgraduate courses taught

AES 714         Psychology for Extension

                       Personnel(Co- taught)              2              2003 to date

AES 715         Advanced Rural Sociology

                           (Co- taught)                       2              1998 to date

AED743          Local Group and Leadership

                    Development(Co- taught)             2             2007 to date

AED 721         Contemporary Issues in

               Agricultural Extension (Co- taught)     2      2004/2005 to date


c) Project Supervision             In Progress                        Completed


        B.Sc.                                2                                       30


            M.Sc.                            5                                       28

            M.phil                           3                                       1

            Ph.D                             4                                       2