History : Department of Forest Resource Management



You are welcome to the website of the Department of Forest Resources Management, University of Ibadan. The Department was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in March 20, 1963, with Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations providing assistance in terms of infrastructures and staffing.  The stated aim of the Department was to provide professional level personnel qualified in forestry and allied land management. Operation commenced on 4th April 1963 with a small, internationally recruited academic staff that held qualifications in Forestry or closely allied disciplines.  In 1966, the Department moved into its present permanent building and in 1976, Professor Kolade Adeyoju was appointed as the first Nigerian Professor of Forestry.


As the Forestry Department developed, the philosophy of an integrated approach to the management of renewable natural resources came to be adopted and the Department started to extend its teaching and research into wider areas of natural resources management.  At the same time, the need for this approach was recognized at Government level leading to greatly increased demands for specialist administrators with University qualifications.  To reflect this need, the Department widened its curricula to include six specializations, namely: - Forest Biometrics and Remote Sensing, Wood Science; Fisheries Management; Wildlife and Range management; Forest Biology and Silviculture; and Forest Economics and Management.  In 1974, the Department changed its name from the rather restrictive "Forestry" to the broad heading of "Forest Resources Management" under which all forms of renewable natural resources may be considered. This continued till September 1981 when the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Management was created. Today the Department operates under 4 units namely

(a)    Forest Biology and Silviculture                                      

(b)    Forest Economics and Management

(c)    Forest Biometrics and Remote Sensing

(d)    Wood and Fibre Science.

As a baby of the FAO, the Department has enjoyed good relationships with other institutions from within and outside Africa establishing linkages with Universities and research institutes. Student enrolment is not limited to Nigeria, the Department is still playing leadership role in the training of Forestry professionals for Nigeria and other West African Countries. Currently, the University of Ibadan Senate has approved the splitting of the present Department of Forest Resources Management into Departments of Forest Production & Products and Social & Environmental Forestry.