Student's Association : Department of Forestry and Resource Management

The Tree Club

The Tree Club was formed in 1964 as Society of Forestry students at the Department of Forestry (now Forest Resources Management), University of Ibadan. The membership of the Club is open to both staff and students of the Department. The two basic objectives of the Club are:

Ø To study constructively and objectively, the works on tropical forestry, and

Ø To encourage informed opinion and education on forestry and consequently arouse the consciousness of the masses on the potentials of the forest.
In order to attain the above objectives, there was the need for a medium of communicating ideas, opinions and research findings on forestry in general, and tropical forestry in particular. This led to the establishment of “Obeche”, the journal of the Tree Club. Its maiden edition was published in 1965. This journal has provided an invaluable forum for various individuals and groups to report field experiences, personal views, opinions and research results on diverse issues in forestry and allied disciplines. In fact, “Obeche” serves as our archive as it continuously chronicles the development trends, progress and achievements of the Department and its past students.

Over the years, the Tree Club has expanded its role: The Club holds a week of activities yearly mainly to welcome the new students and staff in particular, as well as the returning ones. The yearly activities usually end with the Annual Ring party normally hosted in the Department. The Club also organizes seminars, talks, etc. in which students, staff and experts from outside the Department/University participate. Furthermore, the Tree Club facilitates the interactions of our students with those of forestry institutions in other parts of the world.