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Course: Department of Animal Science


Agricultural Biochemistry and Nutrition option 

ABN 200         Introduction to Agricultural Biochemistry

Chemistry of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic  acids. Vitamins and their coenzyme functions  Minerals. The nature, classification and function of enzymes and hormones.

ABN  220      Introduction to Food Science and Technology

Definition and Scope of food science and technology.  Food distribution and marketing.  Food and its functions.  Food habits.  Food poisoning and its prevention.  Principles of food processing and preservation.  Discussion of different preservation methods.  Deterioration  and spoilage of foods, other post harvest changes in food contamination of foods from natural sources. Composition and structures of Nigerian/West African food; factors contributing to texture, color  aroma and flavor of food. Cost; traditional and ethnic influences of food preparation  and consumption pattern.

ABN 320         Metabolism of Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, and Nucleic acids

Sources of carbohydrate, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids. Requirements by livestock animals, their metabolism in farm animal.

ABN 321         Analytical Techniques in Agriculture 1

General and specific biochemical methods of analysis of agricultural products

ABN 322         Biochemical And Metabolism Of The Vitamins, Minerals And Hormones    

                     In Animal Production

Sources of vitamins and minerals, requirements by farm livestock, their metabolism and hormonal influence in farm livestock.


Energy terms and definitions: energy transfer systems. Calculation of energy yields, various biochemical energy yield pathways

ABN  510      Chemistry and Nutritive Value of Nigerian Feeds and Feedingstuffs

Classification of foods, feeding stuffs and feed supplement; chemistry and nutritive values of succulent feeding stuffs. Concentrate feeds, cereals legumes and oil seeds. Chemistry and nutritive values of some Nigerian grasses  and  legume species. Storage and quality control of feeding stuffs and forages.

ABN 527         Analytical Techniques in Agriculture and Nutrition

Various biochemical and analytical methods of analysis of agricultural products’ blood and rumen liquor, analysis of fresh and conserved forages. Digestibility and balance trials.


ABN  524        Nutrition and Physiological Process

Nutritional in relation to growth reproduction, work, lactation and  other physiological functions in the animal body.

ABN 526        Animal Science and Human Nutrition

Nutrient and nutritive values of foods. Dietary allowances, food surveys and food balance sheets.  Malnutrition under-nutrition and starvation. Role of agriculture in the national nutrition programme.

ABN 522       Techniques in Biochemical and Nutritional Research

Review of basic statistics and experimental designs, general techniques in animal experimentation including microscopy, spectrophotometry isotopic tracer techniques, germ –free and anticoprophagy techniques.

ABN 525         Special Topics in Nutritional Biochemistry

A detailed treatment of metabolic antagonism, pigment, changes in chlorophylis during food processing , biological evaluation of the nutritive value of proteins.

ABN  590        Seminar

ABN  599        Project              


Animal Science option

ANS 210         Principles of Animal Production

Animal production and its development. The livestock industry-problems and prospects. Description of the breeds of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and rabbits.  Systems of livestock production. Feeding habit of Farm animals. Principles of breeding and  livestock judging. General principles of management of the different types of farm.

ANS 310         Introduction to Non-Ruminant Animal Management

Management of breeding stock, growing and young animals. Housing, equipment and feeding principles of poultry, rabbits and pigs, Production and management practices; livestock Economics, Health management of stock processing and marketing of poultry and rabbits.

ANS 368         Elementary Topics in Animal Breeding

History of genetics: chrosomosomes structure, number and variations, Gene and Genotype.  Genetic code, Mendelism; Fundamental principles of inheritance, quantitative and qualitative characters and their inheritance. Different types of gene actions, values and means repeatability etc. Animal variation and selection principles. Breeding and environmental effects, in-breeding, pure line breeding cross breeding and other breeding methods.


ANS 370         Introduction to Ruminant Management

Management of breeding stock, growing and young animal, Housing equipment and feeding principles of cattle, sheep and goats. Production and management practices. Health  Management of ruminant animals Products.


ANS 410            Animal Husbandry Techniques

A board treatment of the breed types. World distribution, management, feeding and diseases management techniques of farm livestock. 

ANS 510          Poultry, Swine and Rabbit  Production.

Building and equipment, incubation and hatchery management of poultry eggs; turkey. Gees, duck and guinea fowl production. The application of the principles of Carcass cut in swine and measures of carcass quality. Marketing.

ANS 515         Cattle, sheep and Goat Production

The beef and diary industry; Feeding and Management of Cattle, sheep and Goats; Housing and equipment; Calf-rearing; growing and finishing operations; Milk production, handling and processing. Animal judging; herd recording, castration and dehorning. Production and lactation in Sheep and Goats; Marketing Milk, Beef, Goat and Sheep products.

ANS 520         Animal Breeding  and Livestock Improvement

Determination of genetic parameters; improvement of Farm animals by the application of genetic principles, breeding systems, selection methods, sex determination; foundation stock in livestock production; Breeding and Selection of beef and diary cattle, record of performance tests, progeny test breeding and selection of poultry; random sampling; egg. Production tests; improvement of sheep and goats; gene mutation and lethal genes; statistical tools for studying inheritance, genetic variance and covariance; heritability and repeatability.

ANS 525         Artificial Insemination in Farm Animals

The reproduction systems in male and female animals; physiology of sperm and ovum; endocrinology; production; Egg production; genetics physiology; pregnancy and foetal development; fertility and sterility of farm animals. Role of AI in livestock production.  Management of male donors, semen collection, evaluation, preservation and storage artificial insemination techniques.

ANS 530         Animal Products

Preparation for slaughtering, evisceration and dressing percentages; care of carcass and its cuts; processing and care of hides, skin and wool; processing and storage of meat ; milk processing and microbiology; and poultry products.  Milk hygiene;  Effect of cooking on meat and milk flavor. Post harvest physiology of animal products; egg quality and grading, chemistry and nutritive value of meat and eggs.  Poultry products, milk by-product=butter, cheese and whey; preparation and storage of beef products=bacon, sausage and ham, food additives, flavours and aroma. Marketing and distribution of animal products.

ANS 535         Animal Production Research Techniques

Techniques amd procedures in animal experimentation. Basic statistical designs in animal science research problems.

ANS 599         Project

ANS 590         Seminar