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Faculty Prizes & Awards : Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry

Faculty Prizes & Awards

The following prizes are awarded annually.

1. Faculty Prizes: One per faculty to the value of N50.00 in books, are awarded by Senate on the recommendation of the appropriate faculty boards to the best final year student in each faculty for the year provided that the student achieves a performance not below the level of Second Class Honours (Upper Division) in the degree examination; and provided also that such a student has not spent more than the minimum period prescribed for the degree programme. 

2. Departmental Prizes: To the value of N20.00 in books, available in each teaching department of the University, to be awarded annually on the recommendation of the Head of Department. 

3. May and Baker Prizes: An annual prize in the form of a Plague and Books to the value of N40.00 offered by May and Baker (West Africa) Limited for the best student in Animal Science in the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. 

4. Sir Kofo Abayomi Prizes: For Agriculture, an annual prize and gold medal to the value of Forty-two Naira, donated by Chief the Hon. Sir Kofo Abayomi, M.D., Hon. LL.D., in 1964, awarded to the best final year student in Agriculture attaining an average of not less than 75 per cent in this examination. 

5. The Pfizer Prize: Annual prize of Fifty- two Naira, fifty kobo donated by the Pfizer Group of Companies, awarded to the best all-round student in Crop Science, Animal Science and Agricultural Mechanization in the final of the B.Sc. (Agric.) degree examination. 

6. The Pfizer Livestock Feeds Prize: An annual of Forty-two Naira, donated by the Pfizer Group of Companies awarded to the best student in Animal Science in the final of the B.Sc (Agric.) degree examination. 

7. The BEWAC Ltd. Prize: An annual of Fifty-two Naira, fifty kobo, donated by the BEWAC Ltd., in 1965 for the best student in Agricultural Mechanization 

8. The Shell Company of Nigeria Ltd. Prize: An annual prize worth Forty to fifty Naira donated by the Shell Company of Nigeria Ltd., in 1966 for the best student in Agricultural Biology. 

9. The Laurie Prize: An annual prize of Six Naira worth of books or equipment, endowed by Professor M. V. Laurie, O. B. E., for award to the Forestry student obtaining the highest marks in Silviculture, field projects and General Forestry in final B.Sc (For) degree examination. 

10. The Schlich Prize: An annual prize of six Naira in books equipment, endowed by a donation from the Sir William Schlich Memorial Fund, for award to the final year student who has shown the greatest academic progress during the three years’ Forestry course, and who, in addition, has made the greatest contribution to student activities in the University. 

11. The Commonwealth Forestry Bureau Prize: An annual book prize offered by the Commonwealth Forestry Bureau for award to the outstanding Forestry student of the year. Such student would normally be one who had just qualified for his first degree in the department, but an outstanding graduate qualifying for a higher degree in the department would be an acceptable alternative. 

12. Nupemeco Prizes: Annual prizes totaling N500 donated by the Nupemeco Limited in 1966. The prizes are awarded annually to the best all-round students selected on the basis of one student per faculty 

13. The Duro Oyekanle Prize in Agricultural Economics: An annual prize of N10.50 (ten Naira and fifty kobo) donated by Mr. Duro Oyekanle for award to the best second year student in Agricultural Economics.