History : Department of Animal Science



History : Department of Animal Science




The Department of Animal Science was created on the 1st of July 1967. This is as a result of the reorganization of the initial components of the Faculty that comprised only two departments:  Agriculture and Agricultural Chemistry and Soil.


The department ofAnimal Science since its inception has been offering courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in combined and special honors in the following areas:


1.            Agricultural Biochemistry and Nutrition


2.            Animal Breeding and Genetics.


3.            Animal Nutrition


4.            Animal Physiology and Reproduction


5.            Poultry Management and Production


6.            Animal Products.  


The arrangement facilitated the study of the animal organism with the aim of achieving completeness in acquiring the knowledge of its science.  It studies its nutrition, genetics and improvement, management, marketing of products and animal welfare. It also facilitates the study of animal foods, pasture, grass and food crops in relation to their utilization and to animal and poultry productivity under the prevailing environmental conditions.




The course in Agricultural Biochemistry and Nutrition aims at equipping students with the science of nutrition with a view to laying a solid foundation for future studies in agricultural production and in human nutrition.  The courses therefore include basic principles of nutrition and feed evaluation. Animal husbandry studies embrace the science and art of efficient livestock production through careful breeding and selection, proper feeding and management, adoption of sound sanitation and health measures, provision of adequate shelter and application of processing and marketing techniques.


Research in the Department of Animal Science is based on major animal species of both indigenous and exotic origin including beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and rabbit with which the University’s Teaching Research Farm is well equipped.  The Department is actively engaged in research directed towards finding solutions to the problems facing the Nigerian livestock industry.  Facilities exist for postgraduate and other research personnel in the department.  Research activities in progress include studies on the effects of genotypes and environments on animal performance in relation to productivity, factors which affect growth rate of calves and yield in dairy cattle; measurement of productivity, carrying capacity, digestibility and utilization of pasture grass and forages by grazing cattle sheep, oats and assessment of the chemical constituents and nutritive values of Nigerian feeds and feeding stuffs.  Improvement of the nutritive value of agro industrial by–products through simple biotechnological tools, effect if environment/nutrient interaction on reproductive performance in swine  and  rabbits and value addition of beef products and eggs are other areas of active research in the Department .




Professor V.A. Oyenuga                      1965-1977


Professor G.M. Babatunde                   1977-1980


Professor A.I. Mba                              1980-1983


Professor J.A. Oluyemi                        1983-1987


Professor G.N. Egbunike                      1987-1990


Professor B.K. Ogunmodede                 1990-1993


Professor L.O. Ngere                          1993-1996


Professor T.E. Ekpenyong                    1996-1997


Professor O.O. Tewe                           1997-2000


Professor Oyebiodun Longe                  2000-2003


Professor A.O. Akinsoyinu                    2003-2006


Professor E.A. Iyayi                            2006-2010


Professor A. D. Ologhobo                   2010 – till date