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You are welcome to the Department of Wildlife and Ecotourism Management, University of Ibadan, Ibadan. This programme will provide opportunities for goal oriented research in wildlife, environmental protection, wildlife resource management, ecotourism, hotel and hospitality for skilled manpower need for the country, and the world in general.


The information on our webpage will provide you with essential information on all our academic programmes, courses and staff list. Comprehensive requirements and regulations concerning the course can be requested from our contact email addresses.


The department offers full-fledged degrees in wildlife and Ecotourism Management. The academic programmes of both Wildlife management and Ecotourism Management have been reviewed by relevant national and international agencies with a view to making the programmes relevant to the development needs of the society. In particular, the programmes will enable graduates from the department to be innovative in terms of job creation, and impact on national development. The programmes will therefore be of interest to candidates from all over the nation, Africa and the World in general.


The department is endowed with experienced lecturers, at senior and middle cadres, in different areas of specialization, who work diligently together to maintain the academic standard and discipline of the university.

All members of staff are available to meet any enquiry assistance and to provide further information.